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Privacy and GDPR

Visitors to this Website are advised that registration is NOT required (nor is there currently the option to do so). As such we hold zero personal or sensitive information about new, existing or prospective customers on this Website.

Cookies and Google Analytics

Visits made to pages are tracked using industry standard Google Analytics. This software records such visits on an anonymous basis, including (but not limited to) basic information such as: what kind of device you are using, where you visited the Website from (e.g. clicking on link on another Website, or via Social Media).

This information is used ONLY by GroundPlay Limited and our Website Developer (Mounsey Web Consultancy) to monitor visitor levels and influence further improvements to the content, over time. Visits made to the Site are anonymous and none of your personal or sensitive information is held on this Website.

Tip: For more information please consult Google’s own Privacy Policy

Email Newsletters

GroundPlay Limited do not currently (circa. June, 2018) publish or send out any Email newsletters. Should such techniques be introduced into our marketing activities, you will be asked to “Opt In” BEFORE any such newsletters or promotional messages are sent out. Those who decide to Opt In to receive such messages will have the opportunity to Opt Out, via a clear “Unsubscribe” link, on all outbound emails of this nature.

The privacy and security of our customers is a top priority for GroundPlay Limited, so you have our word that none of your details will ever be passed on, nor sold to any third parties.

Thank you for reading this statement.

Last updated: 7th June, 2018.